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ACH Originations

Enable partner applications to securely originate same-day, standard ACH payment (credit) or collection (debit) requests.

Data Toolbox

Find multiple APIs you need to get authorized access to various retail banking consumer account, transaction and tax data all in one convenient product.

Data Toolbox - Accounts

Get authorized access to retail banking consumer account details and create offerings to improve the financial services experience.

Data Toolbox - Documents

View tax forms and account statements to provide time-saving opportunities for retail banking consumers.

Data Toolbox - Transactions

Using the Transactions API gives financial technology companies and data intermediaries authorized access to U.S. Bank retail banking customer account details.

Disbursements via Zelle®

Fast, safe and easy. Send money directly to your customer's bank account using just an email address or U.S. mobile number.

Holiday API

Select a specific date, custom date range or year to view days that U.S. Bank is closed due to bank holidays.

Real-Time Payments

Experience an interface built for simplicity. Create and manage various account transactions with greater speed and efficiency.

Voyager Card Controls

Manage card status and send process updates from fleet management systems directly to Voyager for more control over lost, stolen or misused cards.

Voyager Transactions

Fleet applications can get up-to-the-second transaction updates. From authorization to payment, the lifecycle of each transaction is available.