Version: 1.1

Access Online Transactions

Enable client applications to retrieve specific transactions, orders and user bill details from Access Online for reporting purposes.
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The Access® Online Transactions API is a proprietary payment management system that provides program administrators the security, functionality, reliability and convenience they need to manage and report card programs. The Access Online Transactions API allows clients that use Access Online to retrieve transaction details, order details and transaction-specific attachments for reporting and auditing purposes.


Retrieve transactions.

  • Retrieve complete transaction details based on the unique ID of a transaction.
  • Information included can be used to retrieve associated order and image details.

Retrieve orders.

  • Retrieve order details based on the unique order ID of an order.
  • Information included can be used to retrieve associated transaction(s) details.

Download transaction attachments.

  • Download zip files containing documents associated to the transaction ID.


Access Online Transactions - workflow

Example use cases

Obtain transaction data from one source.

George is an auditor for his company and requires detailed transactions and order information to complete his audits. His previous process included retrieving each transaction and individual order detail from several different sources. This left open the possibility that inconsistent data was recorded. His company incorporated using the Access Online Transactions API and now George can obtain transactions in a format that works within their systematic reconciliation process.

Quickly retrieve transaction details.

Mandy works for Company A collecting information for their internal system on customer orders, transactions and statements. She is required to log in to multiple accounts across different systems to retrieve these details, which is tedious and time consuming. With the system integrating Access Online Transactions API, Mandy can easily retrieve the details around transactions and orders needed to complete her job which helps her to research and resolve discrepancies faster.

Automatically pull card account data.

John is an auditor and spends most of his time reviewing order details from various accounts to generate weekly reports. As he increases the number of accounts he manages, he needs a better way to maintain reviewing these details with his other job functions. By using the Access Online Transactions API, his order details are pulled automatically for any commercial card accounts requested. The need for John to spend time logging in to various systems is eliminated, and he focuses more time on account management.


Attachment size is up to 10MB maximum.