Version: 1.0

Account Transfers

Enable client and partner applications to initiate and retrieve details of domestic account transfers.
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The Account Transfers API allows you to easily move funds between domestic U.S. Bank demand-deposit accounts (DDA) in real time. You can also track and manage account transfer details.


  • Initiate an account transfer.
  • Retrieve the transaction details of a specific transfer.
  • Search for an account transfer and retrieve the history.
  • Test API features in a sandbox environment by adding it to a project.


Account Transfers - workflow

Example use cases

Accept income payments.

A municipality manages 10 to 50 subsidiaries, using one U.S. Bank account with sub-ledger accounts for each subsidiary. Each month, income funds must be transferred to the corporate key account from the sub-ledger accounts. Using the Account Transfers API, the municipality can automate these income transfers to increase productivity, reduce risk and improve money management.

Disburse payments.

A property company supervises 100 rental locations with one corporate key account with U.S. Bank and multiple sub-ledger accounts for each of their properties. When rental properties need renovation or other operational expenses, funds from the corporate key account are transferred to the respective sub-ledger account. Using the Account Transfers API, the company automatically transfers the funds without employee intervention.


A transfer between DDA accounts initiated after midnight local time will show as pending but will process and post the next day after 6:00 a.m. local time. However, account balances are updated immediately.