Version: 1.0

ACH Originations

Enable partner applications to securely originate same-day, standard ACH payment (credit) or collection (debit) requests.
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The ACH Originations API enables partner applications to securely originate domestic ACH payment (credit) or collection (debit) requests. With an interface intentionally designed for simplicity, ACH origination doesn’t require extensive knowledge of National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) terminology or file format. This makes integrating with U.S. Bank easier and faster than ever before.


Create and manage various account transactions with greater speed and efficiency.

ACH origination

  • Originate domestic ACH payments or collections.
  • Send originated ACH transactions at standard or same-day speeds.
  • Receive timely confirmation on ACH origination requests.

Originated payment management

  • Retrieve submitted ACH transaction details and status.
  • Cancel a submitted ACH transaction.
  • Subscription to ACH return and notification of change (NOC) alerts.


Easy ACH Payments & Collections - workflow

Example use cases

Work with customers to make transactions fast, easy, and simple.

  • Pay businesses for procurement of supplies.
  • Refund a customer.
  • Reimburse employees for expense reports.
  • Settlement of a claim.
  • Pay a contractor.
  • Collect on funds due.

Perfect for:

  • Enterprise resource planning systems
  • Accounts payable applications
  • Insurance or healthcare providers
  • Aviation companies
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) systems


  • ACH Payments are not processed or posted on weekends or bank holidays. However, clients who use ACH Origination via API are configured for Sunday/Holiday processing and will have the ability to submit transactions between 9 p.m. CT on Friday and 9 p.m. CT on Sunday with a Monday effective date (Tuesday will be the effective date when Monday is a bank holiday) They will also be able to submit transactions on a bank holiday before the 9 p.m. CT cutoff with a next business day effective date.
  • Same-day ACH payments must be requested prior to 2 p.m. CT.