Version: 1.1

Bank Holidays

Select a specific date, custom date range or year to view days that U.S. Bank is closed due to bank holidays.
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The Bank Holidays API allows users to quickly view when bank holidays are observed through a custom date or date range requested by the user. If no year or custom date range is requested, the API will automatically display bank holidays for the current and upcoming year.


  • View bank holidays for the current year and next year.
  • View bank holidays within a selected date range.
    • Week
    • Month
    • Quarter
    • Custom time period
  • Test API features in a sandbox environment by adding it to a project.

Example use cases

  • Verify if a specific day is considered a working day or bank holiday.
  • Confirm payment dates in bill payee services.
  • Confirm when a branch is open or closed for holiday hours of operation.


The Bank Holidays API has no restrictions.