Version: 1.6

Card as a Service

Supply and securely push digital credit cards to a user's mobile wallet.
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The Card as a Service (CaaS) API allows you to integrate a collection of APIs into your user experience to supply a digital corporate credit card for business purchases and expenses. Using tokenization and encryption, the card can be pushed to the user's mobile wallet in a frictionless way. Extensive controls enhance the card's security, making fraud or misuse nearly impossible.


  • Extend corporate credit digitally and securely in real time.
  • Push cards to mobile wallets for use with Apple Pay® and Google Pay using encryption and tokenization.
  • Build tailored user experiences within your own ecosystem through custom API selections.
  • Set precise card amounts.
  • Deactivate cards in real time.
  • Implement Merchant Category Code (MCC) blocking and velocity controls.
  • Streamline the extension of corporate credit.


Card-as-a-Service - workflow

Example use cases

Reconcile instant transactions.

Mary is traveling on a major airline that is experiencing delays, causing her to miss the last connecting flight back home. The airline issues funds to her from their mobile app so she can stay in a hotel overnight before her new flight in the morning. Mary can push the funds from the mobile app to her device's mobile wallet and pay for a hotel stay and other incidentals for the evening. The card has controls imbedded that ensure she only uses the card for its intended purposes. Once she's on board her connecting flight the next morning, any remaining funds on the card will expire, allowing the airline to recoup any unspent funds.

Push cards for individual transactions.

Sarah works for an online order fulfillment company that has struggled to fulfill multiple orders in a day due to manual payment and documentation processes. With her company's new implementation of the CaaS API, individual digital cards are issued for each order as they're created. Her customers are able to push these cards to their mobile wallets for secure and easy checkout and payment processing. Her company's app supports access to digital receipts for an improved digital customer experience. By using an individual card for each order, it's easy to reconcile all the transactions for the order to the customer and the card.


  • Integration requires a U.S. Bank corporate card program for Corporate Travel, One Card or Purchasing Card.
  • If using Apple Pay or Google Pay:
    • An endorsement is required from U.S. Bank to achieve entitlement to push to mobile wallet.
    • Developer is required to have an Apple and Google developer account.


  • Corporate virtual cards can't be used for payroll, rewards or gifts.
  • Restrictions and/or addendums are required if using internationally.