Version: 1.1

Check Payables

Originate check payable requests quickly and easily through a secure, user-friendly interface.
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The Check Payables API enables partner applications to securely originate check requests by using an interface that’s intentionally designed for simplicity. Check Payables is a fast, easy, and inexpensive way to enhance accounts payable (AP) bank integration and does not require extensive knowledge of terminology or file formatting.


Check origination

  • Originate domestic checks.
  • Update submitted checks (before processing).
  • Include multiple recipients and up to 15 remittance lines on a single check.
  • Submit comprehensive remittance data.

Check management

  • Retrieve issued check details and status.
  • Cancel a submitted check (before processing).
  • Track checks from origination through processing via webhooks.
  • Customize checks with your logo and other items (using a predefined set of templates).

Future enhancements

  • Retrieve paid check images.
  • Manage exception items by integrating with our Positive Pay API.


Check Payables - workflow

Example use cases

Retrieve issued check details and status.

Jane processes claims for a major insurance company. She spends much of her time working with different systems, reviewing claims then issuing claim payments. Her employer just released an update to the company's enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, which now integrates the Check Payables API. This allows Jane to review claims and then issue payments from the same system, eliminating room for error or confusion.

Validate expenses in less time.

Julio is a developer that works on an expense tracking system for a major sales organization. In a business line meeting, Julio heard his colleagues voice their concerns with how much time they spend reviewing receipts and matching them to submitted expense reports. Julio recommends they use the Check Payables API to validate expenses and generate checks in less time. His colleagues use the API resulting in more time to focus on other job duties, and Julio is recognized by the business line in helping the team become more efficient.

Track checks from origination through processing via webhooks.

Tim manages AP for a healthcare payer and is responsible for remitting refunds to its policyholders when there's an overpayment. His company integrated the Check Payables API with their new payment system, making it easier for Tim to identify the overpayment amount and create the check request. To validate his work, Tim relies on system notifications to see that the check request is processed, and the customer's refund is on its way.


  • Check Payables will not be processed on bank holidays or weekends.