Version: 2.0

Corporate Account Information

Instantly access company bank account balances, transactions and statements.
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The Corporate Account Information API automatically updates status details of company deposit account data, saving users time by eliminating the manual process of uploading and downloading information. With real time access to balances, statements and transaction history, the API functions enable continuous and instantaneous interactions across information management process flows and systems.


  • Retrieve lists of company deposit accounts.
  • Collect detailed account balances for current day and previous day, with collection capability of up to 50 accounts at a time. Balance information includes an available balance, ledger balance and collected balances for previous and current day.
  • Receive transactions data for an account on a current day and previous day basis. Historical transactions are available up to 60 days with options for an additional retention period of 12 or 24 months.
  • Retain statements for deposit accounts for up to 12 months.
  • Receive incoming transactions notifications via webhooks.
  • Test API features in a sandbox environment by adding it to a project.


Account information workflow

Example use cases

Reconcile instant transactions.

Company A often spends countless hours reconciling payments made from or received in their various U.S. Bank deposit accounts to their internal company systems (e.g., ERP). Using this API, Company A can instantly pull transaction details directly from U.S. Bank into any system to automate the reconciliation process. No need to review transactions online or from bank statements.

Improve cash positioning.

Company B would like to maximize their cash flow and only fund accounts when necessary. By using the Corporate Account Information API, they can project cash positions in their U.S. Bank deposit accounts by pulling balance information into their company system (e.g., ERP) and reconciling payments made or received in real time. If an account balance is projected to overdraft, Company B can immediately fund the account with the amount of the overdraft.

View account balances in one place.

A manager responsible for managing the company’s cash and approving all major payments to employees, vendors and third parties is often concerned about over drafting accounts and wants to ensure accounts are capitalized prior to payment disbursement. With the Corporate Account Information API, the manager can view U.S. Bank deposit account balances directly from the company system without having to log in to multiple systems to view balances across different accounts and banks.

Improve treasury reporting.

A manager maintains an analytics dashboard, which provides vital financial information and insights for the company. The manager wants to understand how deposit account balances fluctuate over time in relation to a sales cycle and credit line leverage. The Corporate Account Information API helps the manager pull U.S. Bank deposit account balances, perform the analysis needed to assess previous transactions data, and predict financial spending.


Deposit account statements that are larger than approximately 200 pages (1.5MB) are not currently available via the statement endpoints.