Version: 1.0

Corporate Credit Cards

Create card accounts for corporate travel cards, purchasing cards or One Card plus search, view and maintain account information.
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The Corporate Credit Cards API allows you to create and automatically maintain card accounts between your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and U.S. Bank systems. Elimination of manual data entry processes is a critical step in transforming the management of card programs and supporting card program administrators.


  • Create, manage and close card accounts directly from your integrated application.
  • Manage spending controls on an account, such as:
    • Status (active, temporary suspension, closed, and so on)
    • Authorization limits
    • Credit limit
    • Single purchase limit
    • Amount and number of purchases within a period
    • Merchant category code groups
  • Maintain cardholder information.


Corporate Credit Cards API workflow

Example use cases

Some real-world capabilities of the Corporate Credit Cards API include:

  • View whether an employee has an active card account in your ERP, HR Management system or Partner System.
  • Temporarily suspend an account if a card is lost.
  • Close a corporate or commercial card account as soon as an employee record is updated in your ERP or HR Management system.
  • Update an account credit limit or single purchase limit as needed when an employee changes roles within your organization.
  • Set limits for maximum spending within a specific period or according to merchant categories.


Integration requires a U.S. Bank corporate card program for Corporate Travel, One Card or Purchasing Card, limited to Visa or Mastercard networks.


Visa and Mastercard card networks are supported in USD and CAD currencies only.