Version: 1.1

Freight Payment Shipment Order

Integrate your freight supply chain with the U.S. Bank Freight Payment system to manage freight shipment orders and freight spend.
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The Freight Payment Shipment Order API enables your freight applications to securely submit and access shipment orders. With direct digital access, you eliminate processing delays and experience a streamlined integration, providing real-time feedback and response times.


Integrate data safely and securely.

Send orders securely with authentication and data encryption, assuring authorized access and confidential transmission of item-level shipment orders.

Optimize order delivery.

  • Submit new order documents with real-time acknowledgements.
  • Update existing orders with new details.
  • Cancel existing orders as needed.
  • Workflow

    Freight Payment Shipment Order

    Example use cases

    Submit new shipment orders for processing.

    A tire retailer that sells new and remanufactured tire products globally is looking for a way to manage its freight budget and validate expenses. With the Freight Payment Shipment Order API, the tire retailer can audit and process payments to its carriers, which are later compared and validated against the carriers’ invoices for delivery to its customers.

    Update or modify existing orders.

    The tire retailer provides customers the flexibility to update or modify existing orders until the pickup time, based on the retailer’s inventory. Using the Freight Payment Shipment Order API, the tire retailer can share freight order updates in real time to ensure the final order reflects all changes during the sales process.

    Cancel shipments as needed.

    As orders are finalized throughout the sales process, there are occasional cancellations. With the Freight Payment Shipment Order API, the tire retailer can cancel an order that has already been submitted, ensuring the status of orders are always current.


    Must be an established client or partner of the U.S. Bank Freight Payment Program.