Version: 1.0

Freight Payment Transactions

Integrate your freight supply chain with the U.S. Bank Freight Payment Transactions API to manage freight shipment orders and transactions.
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Automate transaction data management with our Freight Payment Transactions API. This solution allows you to retrieve data from the invoice and order when needed, in real time. Subscribe to this API to support exception resolution, synchronize data and validate payment status and timing.


  • Retrieve data safely, securely and quickly to simplify integration with your source systems.
  • Streamline labor-intensive processes to save time.
  • Access the specific transaction data you need to help resolve issues and receive a summary of related documents:
    • Get order details, using the bill of lading (BOL) number.
    • Receive invoice details, using the invoice number (PRO).
    • Obtain details using the e-bill (or Supplemental Invoice) number.


Freight Payment Transactions workflow

Example use cases

Create invoices from orders.

ABC Trucking is looking to streamline their invoicing process and ensure charges are in sync with the tendered load from the shipper. Normally, discrepancies are not identified until the invoice is being processed and is compared to the order. With the U.S. Bank Freight Payment Transactions API, a carrier can retrieve orders and use them as a template to create their invoices for time savings. Any discrepancies are identified before the invoice even goes out the door, eliminating potential downstream audit exceptions.

Manage audit exceptions.

Robert works for ABC Trucking, collecting information to manage rate discrepancies between the invoice and the order. Currently, he logs in to systems to retrieve and update these details, which is tedious and time-consuming. By subscribing to the U.S. Bank Freight Payment Transaction API, Robert can retrieve the details at the push of a button, so he can spend less time working manually and resolve discrepancies faster.

Validate status and payment processing.

Karen is a collector at ABC Trucking and spends most of her time tracking down the payment status of invoices. As she increases the number of accounts she manages, she needs a better way to receive this information so that she can spend time on more valuable tasks. She can use the U.S. Bank Freight Payment Transactions API to quickly retrieve status and payment details on demand, and update the system as often as needed.

Balance the books.

Will is a finance manager and Circle Technologies, charged with forecasting and reconciling the monthly freight-related expenses for shipping goods to his customers. Will pulls a variety of reports to validate monthly expenses and log accruals in his system. Then, his IT department has a process that takes two days to process the details and make them available in his data warehouse for additional reporting and data retention needs. Instead, with the Freight Payment Transactions API, Circle Technologies can easily retrieve the data that Will needs during critical times throughout the month, without running a single report. Rather than the IT department pulling and conditioning large month-end reports, they can pull in details gradually. This improves overall system performance and avoids the scramble to move data every month.


The U.S. Bank Freight Payment Transactions API has no restrictions.