Version: 1.1

Payee Choice

Enable customer digital payments and eliminate the need for applications to store sensitive payee account data.
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The Payee Choice API allows you to integrate applications and initiate payment requests directly out of an application while minimizing the risk of stale payments. Once U.S. Bank receives a payment request, payees are empowered to create a payment profile and manage how payments are controlled and received. Once a payment preference is selected, U.S. Bank will process a payment request, ensuring a payee receives funds based on their preference type. Payments can be made through electronic transfer, prepaid cards, Zelle®, Real-Time Payments (RTP) and check.


Enroll your payee.

  • Send an enrollment invitation to your payee.
  • Enable payee to create their payment profile and set up their payment preference.
  • Send reminders to payees who have not yet completed their payee profile enrollment.

Search for payee profiles.

  • Submit search criteria to receive qualified payee profile results.
  • Check the status of a payee's profile setup or view their preferred payment type.

Retrieve payee details.

Retrieve a payee's contact information, status, activation date, payment preference and any additional payee information included in the API.

Receive payee status updates via webhooks.

Receive a notification when the payee profile setup is complete.

Make a payment.

  • Submit one or more payment instructions in a single request.
  • Send payments based on payee payment type preference.
  • Send enrollment invitation for a payee that has received a payment request but has not yet created a payee profile.

Search for payments.

  • Submit search criteria to receive payment results.
  • Search by payee ID, payment reference number, payee name, email, phone number, date range, payment amount, payment status, or payment type.

Retrieve payment details.

Retrieve payee information, payment amount, reference number and any additional payment information included in the API.

Receive payment status updates via webhooks.

Receive a notification when the payment status changes.


Payee Choice - workflow

Example use cases

Manage marketplace platform payments.

Your online exchange platform has a website that customers use to buy and sell pre-owned vehicles. Today, your platform has limited options for customers to receive payments. The Payee Choice API gives your payees more payment options and lets them set up their payment preferences. Payments can be received by using Zelle®, electronic funds transfer, prepaid debit card or check. Payees quickly receive a payment and can use it toward their vehicle purchase on the platform.

Ensure payment certainty for insurance claim disbursements.

Your insurance company needs a frictionless payment solution that distributes claims to your customers quickly. Outstanding check payments have increased and caused delays to your month-end accounting process and required stale checks to be reissued. After integrating your claims payment system with the Payee Choice API, your company sees an increase of Zelle® and Real-Time Payments (RTP) payments, customer satisfaction scores increase, accounting and treasury departments spend less time on account reconciliation and fewer checks are reissued.


  • Companies wishing to implement Payee Choice must meet credit qualifications for payables products.
  • Payments sent over the RTP payment rails are limited to $100,000 per payment request.