Version: 1.0

Positive Pay

Manage fraud prevention services with greater speed and efficiency.
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The Positive Pay API helps you detect check fraud by electronically matching checks to items that you disbursed and described in the issue file. Each time you issue a check you'll send an electronic issue file containing check information to U.S. Bank. The bank compares the serial number, dollar amount, and, if activated for that account, payee name information with checks presented for payment. Non-matching items are identified and displayed in SinglePoint® Positive Pay as exceptions. You decide whether to pay or return non-matching items.

With an interface intentionally designed for simplicity, Positive Pay API allows for personalization and customization to meet a company's specific needs in today's payments environment.

Process previous day and same day exceptions.

  • Retrieve previous day Positive Pay and same day Positive Pay exceptions.
  • Submit payment decisions on the exceptions.
  • Retrieve exception history and details regarding specific processed exceptions.

See check images as you process your exceptions.

  • While processing exceptions, you can see the front image and back image of the check to validate and confirm details to minimize fraud.

Receive notifications via webhooks.

  • Receive online notifications via webhooks for previous day or same day exceptions requiring review.


Positive Pay Workflow

Example use cases

Manage and process exceptions quickly and all in one place.

In Maren's role, she usually spends a couple of hours a day managing exceptions for her company by logging into a client portal. Researching and deciding how to process the items is time-consuming. With the Positive Pay API implementation, data is integrated directly into the portal and sends Maren notifications letting her know when something needs to be reviewed. She can easily search for items based on dates and exception type – same day or previous day – view them and appropriately decide how to process the items.

Detect fraud and decide whether to pay or return.

Juan works in his state's social services office. With the additional disbursements during COVID, he notices an increase in fraud occurring on his accounts. He and his team implement the Positive Pay API so they can identify and research suspect items and either make payments or returns. Positive Pay can be streamlined from their own systems when integrated with the Positive Pay API.


  • Positive Pay exceptions will not be processed on bank holidays or weekends.
  • Positive Pay exceptions are available from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. local processing time.
  • Positive Pay exception decisions are due by 3:00 p.m. local processing time. If decisions are not sent by the required time, default decisions will apply (pay all or return all).