Version: 1.1

RTP® - Credit Transfer Message

Initiate instant and secure payments through a simple, straightforward REpresentational State Transfer (REST) interface.
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The Credit Transfer Message API enables partner applications to securely originate payment requests at any time. With instant access to payments, the API functions enable account transactions to be created and managed with greater speed and efficiency.


Real-Time Payment initiation

  • Originate B2B, or B2C payments 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year with remittance information included.
  • Funds are transferred within seconds.
  • Payments are final and irrevocable.

Originated payment management

  • Retrieve submitted real-time payment details and status.
  • Improve receivables reconciliation.

Status updates via Webhooks

Subscribe to specific events and receive notifications in desired format.


RTP - workflow

Example use cases

Transfer funds within seconds.

Anne just had dinner with a few friends and instead of receiving separate checks, the bill was returned under one tab. Using a third-party application, she can instantly transfer money from her U.S. Bank checking account to her friend who paid for the dinner. Behind the transaction, the RTP® Credit Transfer Message API is used in communicating with the third-party app that sends money from her account to her friend.

Retrieve submitted real-time payment details and status.

Connor is a customer service representative at a big online retailer. He has received a call from a customer who was charged twice on his last purchase and would like a refund. After completing some research to confirm the transaction was duplicated, he initiates a refund through the company’s recently upgraded system. By using the Credit Transfer Message API, the system can process and send an instant refund back to his customer.

Originate payments with remittance information included.

Craig is a part-time driver for Company X, a ridesharing service. The developer team for Company X recently implemented the RTP® Credit Transfer Message API, which has created an option for drivers to receive daily payments. In considering his recent financial setbacks, Craig decides to select that option to ensure a timely receipt of pay for the daily drive work he completes. In doing so, Craig and his family have greatly benefited from the company implementing RTP® in their payroll system.


  • Current credit transfer limits for the RTP® Network are $100,000 per transaction.
  • The receiving bank must be part of the RTP® network.
  • Originated credit transfer messages are irrevocable.
  • Credit push only.