Version: 1.1

RTP® (Real-Time Payments)

RTP® provides instant, 24/7 money movement through a simple, straightforward REpresentational State Transfer (REST) interface.
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The RTP® (Real-Time Payments) API enables partner applications to securely and instantly initiate and manage real-time payment messages through the TCH Network. To enhance and improve the implementation and onboarding experience, U.S. Bank has designed the Open Banking API with ease of integration in mind.


Credit Transfer Message

Originate B2B or B2C final and irrevocable payments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with remittance information included.

Request For Payment

Initiate and manage real-time clearing and settlement of invoices with transparency and certainty

Status updates via Webhooks

Subscribe to specific events and receive notifications in your desired format.


RTP - workflow

Example use cases

Credit Transfer Message:

Maria's team of developers has been tasked to find a solution that helps customers send money from their accounts to contacts using transfer money from their financial applications. In using the RTP® API, Maria's team solves the issue and their customers with U.S. Bank checking accounts can send payments to contacts, family and friends anytime, anywhere.

Request for Payment:

Scott is a handyman and works with several clients throughout the week. Mailing invoices and waiting for payments to come through has always been a hassle due to time and tracking. Lately his business has been extremely busy, and the paperwork is requiring him to work longer hours, impacting his work life balance. In search for a solution, Scott found a software package that includes sending invoices immediately that uses the RTP® Request for Payment API. Now that Scott spends much less time on tracking invoices, he can spend more time on other business needs or with his family.


  • Current credit transfer limits for the RTP® Network limits are $100,000 per transaction.
  • The receiving bank must be part of the RTP® network.
  • Originated credit transfer messages are irrevocable.