Version: 1.0

Treasury Builder

Onboard the ACH Originations, RTP® – Real-Time Payments, Check Payables, Corporate Account Information, and Account Transfers APIs at once.
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The Treasury Builder packages popular U.S. Bank APIs into one implementation to help you save time and expenses. The APIs in this bundle allow you to create and manage various ACH account transactions, originate check payable requests, access important corporate account information, and move money.


ACH Originations

Enable partner applications to securely originate same-day, standard ACH payment (credit) or collection (debit) requests.

  • Originate domestic ACH payments or collections at standard or same-day speeds.
  • Use tokens in place of account and routing numbers to mitigate the risk of storing recipient bank account details.
  • Retrieve ACH transaction details and cancel a transaction.

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RTP® – Real-Time Payments

Implement features from both the RTP® – Credit Transfer Message and RTP® – Request for Payments APIs with one solution.

  • Send transfers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Initiate and manage real-time clearing and settlement of invoices.
  • Subscribe to receive notifications via webhooks for specific events.

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Check Payables

Originate check payable requests quickly and easily through a secure, user-friendly interface.

  • Originate domestic checks that can include multiple recipients and remittance data.
  • Update or cancel submitted checks before hourly processing.
  • Track checks with webhooks and retrieve details up to 12 months in the past.

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Corporate Account Information

Instantly access company bank account balances, transactions and statements.

  • Retrieve detailed account balances and transactions for current day and previous day.
  • Retain statements for deposit accounts for up to 12 months.
  • Receive incoming transactions notifications via webhooks.

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Account Transfers

Enable client and partner applications to initiate and retrieve details of domestic account transfers.

  • Initiate an account transfer.
  • Retrieve the transaction details of a specific transfer.
  • Search for an account transfer and retrieve the history.

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Example use cases

Offer a sophisticated cash management system to clients.

A senior financial executive for a leading treasury management SaaS provider wants to modernize client treasury operations. Using the Treasury Builder API, the provider gets a fast, secure and robust suite of APIs that are easy to integrate, which can solve most client needs for payables, collections and account data.

Streamline and automate treasury management processes.

A product manager in the treasury department of a large corporation is looking for opportunities to improve efficiencies in their treasury management processes. Using the Treasury Builder API, the corporation can eliminate manual batch files, securely move money between U.S. Bank accounts with their internal systems including enterprise resource planning software.


The Treasury Builder API bundles the ACH Origination, RTP® – Real-Time Payments, Check Payables, Corporate Account Information and Account Transfers APIs into one implementation. If you implement the APIs in this bundle individually, you must complete the standard implementation for each API.