Version: 1.2

Voyager Cards

Manage Voyager cards directly from your fleet management system.
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The Voyager Account Management APIs enable your fleet applications to securely access your Voyager account data, including accounts, cards, drivers and vehicles. With real-time digital access, you can save time and resources by reducing support calls, minimizing manual data entry, and eliminating daily batch file transfers.


  • Create, modify, deactivate and reactivate individual accounts, cards, drivers and vehicles.
  • Retrieve account, card, driver and vehicle details.
  • Cancel, replace, report lost or stolen or reset a PIN for a card.
  • Define and maintain spending limits on accounts, cards, drivers and vehicles.
  • Search Voyager to identify all cards, drivers and vehicles within an account or organization.
  • Requires mutual authentication and encrypted transmission to ensure authorized access to Gateway and Voyager.


Voyager Cards - workflow

Example use cases

Replace drivers and vehicles.

The fleet operations manager adds new drivers and vehicles into their fleet application, which produces a daily log. At the end of each day, the data contained in the log is entered into the Voyager portal or the Daily Account Maintenance batch file. The next day, the fleet operations manager must confirm the new drivers and vehicles were entered correctly into Voyager.

With the Voyager Driver and Vehicle APIs, the fleet operations manager enters data throughout the day, and it’s automatically transferred and verified in Voyager. This API eliminates hours of daily processing and boosts productivity.

Monitor transactions for suspicious activity.

Each day, a data analyst receives a log of all card transactions from the previous day for the entire fleet. A representative reviews the log for denied or suspicious activity and reports any to the fleet manager by day’s end. The next day, the fleet manager reviews the report to determine if any cards should be suspended or canceled and returns that list to the data analyst for processing.

Using the Voyager Transaction and Card APIs, the transaction audit process can be automated to alert the fleet manager of suspicious activity, in real time. If a card needs to be suspended or canceled, it can be done with the Voyager Transaction and Card APIs, immediately helping to reduce the susceptibility of fraud from days to minutes.

Perform historical data mining and custom reporting.

A data analyst creates a quarterly report that highlights spending metrics by account, card, driver, vehicle, merchant and product. Using the Voyager Transaction and Card APIs, the data analyst can access details and associated card, driver, and vehicle data that can be used to monitor and control spending.


Must be an established client or partner of the U.S. Bank Voyager Fleet Program.


Supports controls where Voyager and Voyager Mastercard are accepted.