Version: 1.2

Voyager Drivers

Manage Voyager driver information and spending limits through your fleet management system.
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The Voyager Drivers API gives you access to Voyager account management data by retrieving updates through fleet applications. With quick, on-demand changes, you can remove delays and overhead of manual interactions like contacting call centers and performing batch file transfers.


Gain direct access to your Voyager accounts to manage all fleet cards, drivers and vehicles in real time.

Lifecycle Management

  • Add new cards, drivers and vehicles.
  • Modify existing cards, drivers and vehicles.
  • Deactivate or reactivate them individually.

Spending Controls

Define and maintain spending limits on cards, drivers and vehicles.

Identify all cards, drivers and vehicles within an account or organization.


Require authorization and encrypted data, assuring access permission and confidential transfer.


Voyager Vehicles - workflow

Use cases

Simplify onboarding and control fleet spend.

Milo works as a lead developer and has been asked to find a faster onboarding solution for an operations team within his company. Currently the team is adding new drivers and monitoring their company card spending limits manually, and the number of drivers continues to increase. Milo uses the API within the company’s fleet management application, and the operations team can now quickly issue cards with spending limits to new employees, eliminating hours of manual entry work.

Manage the account lifecycle in real time.

Naomi manages drivers at a large fleet company and used to update driver information on a weekly basis all at once. This included:

  • Adding new license plate numbers
  • Deactivating vehicles for a specific time period
  • Changing a driver’s card spending amount
  • Changing other logistical data associated with drivers

With help from the fleet company’s development team and leveraging the Voyager Drivers API, Naomi now makes these updates within her fleet application as they happen.

Provide data intelligence with custom reporting.

Emmet is a data analyst and needs to create a quarterly audit report that highlights metrics on driver card spending. He was recently informed that the development team started using the Voyager Drivers API, which allows him to easily keep the company’s fleet app synchronized with the Voyager system by obtaining an inventory of existing cards and drivers. This allows Emmet to pull data and information for his audit immediately and he creates a variety of supporting data examples for his report.