Version: 2.0

Voyager Transactions

Get up-to-the-second fleet transaction updates from authorization to payment.
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Manage fleet expenses securely and reduce the risk of out-of-policy transactions with our Voyager API. This unified solution gives you direct access to all Voyager card transactions within a fleet. It comes along with an online account management tool with built-in fraud controls, so you can view transactions in real time. Also, fleet payment cards let drivers across the country handle their expenses efficiently.


Secure transfers

Provide secure authentication and data encryption, assuring authorized access and confidential transfer.

Search options

Search for transactions by time and processing status, where the time can span from seconds to years, and status ranges from authorization to payment.

Transaction history is viewable for years, with detailed information including:

  • Transaction and account
  • Driver and vehicle
  • Merchant and product


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Example use cases

Integrated expense management

Enable direct integration of Voyager expense reporting with your fleet management application. Your expense management immediately benefits by integrating your system with the detailed transaction data available from Voyager. For instance, a fleet manager can determine how much drivers in a region have spent on fuel in the past quarter.

Fraud monitoring

Detecting out-of-policy and unauthorized purchases is now easier. Our Voyager API enables your application to continually monitor purchases for fraud detection and exception reporting, reducing delays and risk.

Exceptions can be detected by:

  • Transaction
  • Amount
  • Product
  • Driver
  • Vehicle
  • Location
  • Merchant

By searching for newly-processed transactions, you can detect any unusual purchases including:

  • By an off-duty driver.
  • At an unexpected merchant.
  • Irregular products or quantities for a vehicle.

Enhanced telematics

Voyager telematics partners can supplement their real-time monitoring capabilities with Voyager expense data, increasing their value to fleet managers.

By combining telematics capabilities with Voyager, telematic providers can cross-reference:

  • Geolocation data with merchant locations to help detect fraud.
  • Odometer readings with fuel purchase details to help measure driver and vehicle performance.

Technology modernization

Fleet management is no exception to the growing demand of digital consumers: any device, anywhere, anytime.

Voyager APIs are internet-ready and compatible with a broad range of application platforms:

  • Cloud services
  • ERP systems
  • Fleet management applications
  • Mobile applications

Voyager transaction data is available within seconds via API — as opposed to minutes or hours via legacy methods — making your fleet applications more useful by replacing delays with immediate insights.


The Voyager API has no restrictions.