Version: 1.0

Wire Drawdowns

Initiate a wire transfer that debits funds into the requestor's account.
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Enable partner applications to securely withdraw funds from the receiver's account and deposit them into the requestor's account. It’s secure, easy to integrate, and convenient to originate a reverse wire transfer and track the status of the request.


  • Initiate a domestic immediate or scheduled transfer.
  • Transfer large dollar amounts.
  • Retrieve transaction details and the status of a submitted wire transfer.
  • Receive transaction notifications via webhooks.


Wire Drawdowns workflow

Example use cases

Manage payroll accounts.

A finance manager in the payroll department of a multinational company with multiple accounts manages repeated payments like employee salaries and bill payments to vendors. The finance manager must ensure all the accounts have sufficient funds to successfully process payments. If funds are low in one of the accounts, the manager can initiate a wire drawdown that withdraws funds from another company account and deposits those funds into the required account with an application powered by the Wire Drawdowns API.

Fund accounts for each line of business.

A finance manager who works for a multinational firm with banking relationships with multiple major banks manages the capital needed for operations. The finance manager can schedule wire drawdown requests to withdraw funds from a parent receiver account and deposit those funds into the respective payable accounts.


  • Wire drawdowns initiated before 7:00 a.m. CT and after 5:30 p.m. CT will be scheduled and processed on the following business day.
  • Wire drawdowns initiated on bank holidays or weekends will be scheduled and processed on the following business day.
  • Wire drawdowns can be scheduled for 30 days in advance.
  • Wire drawdowns need authorization setup completed at the account from which the amount is debited before the drawdown requested is initiated.