Version: 1.3

Wire Transfers

Enable client and partner applications to initiate and retrieve details of domestic and international wire transfers.
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The Wire Transfers API allows you to efficiently manage domestic and international wire transfers. With a quick integration, Wire Transfers API initiates wires and tracks status, making large fund transfers fast, convenient and easy.


Initiate a wire transfer.

  • Initiate a one-time immediate or scheduled domestic wire transfer from an eligible originating account to a destination account within the U.S.
  • Initiate a one-time immediate or scheduled international wire transfer from an eligible originating account to a destination account.

Check transaction details and status.

Retrieve transaction details and check status of a submitted wire transfer.

Status updates via webhooks

Subscribe and receive notifications for specific events.

Ideal for:

  • Treasury management SaaS providers
  • Title and escrow management companies
  • Investment management providers
  • Fintech applications supporting corporate money transfers for large amounts


Wire Transfers

Example use cases

Transfer large deposits.

Dan processes mortgage loan originations for a title and escrow company and manages homeowner deposits. On closing dates, Dan needs to wire deposits to the respective mortgage lender/seller for mortgage settlements through the title companies' treasury management application. The app needs a fast, secure and robust money movement service that's easier to integrate. The company's developer team decides to use the Wire Transfers API, which enables Dan to securely initiate wires, ensure large money transfers to respective mortgage lenders/sellers are timely and become the trusted partner for managing and transferring deposits.

Manage domestic and international transfers.

Hanna is a finance manager who works for a multinational insurance firm and has working relationships with several major banks. To avoid logging into multiple payment portals, she prefers to use a treasury management (TM) SaaS platform to view and manage all the company's bank accounts as well as money transfers. The TM SaaS application is powered using the Wire Transfers API and enables Hanna to manage domestic and international wire transfers from her companies' U.S. Bank accounts.

Complete wire transfer trades immediately.

Adrianna is an investment banker for a multinational equity management firm that manages international investment portfolios for corporate clients. Based on client requests, she buys and sells a portfolio of international stocks through the brokerage account from an internal equity management application. With simplicity in design and ease of integration, the development team at her company decides to use the Wire Transfers API. This empowers the internal client application to reduce implementation time and Adrianna makes international wire transfer trades immediately, building revenue for clients faster.


  • Hours of operation for processing current day wire transfers are 7:30 a.m. CT to 5:30 p.m. CT.
  • Domestic wire transfers can be scheduled for 30 days in advance.
  • International wire transfers can be scheduled for one day in advance.
  • Use the "application reference number" when calling for wire contact services.
  • Intermediary bank details are not supported for domestic or international wires.