IBM Cloud APIs and AI Services

Access APIs on the IBM Cloud, an enterprise-grade platform for the development, deployment and operation of cloud-native and cloud-enabled applications.  As a U.S. Bank partner, our vendor technology is yours.

Discover what you can do.

  Leverage a full catalog of APIs and software to rapidly create & deploy cloud-native apps, including a full data science platform and IBM Watson.

  • Quickly develop & deploy smart apps within Financial Services.
  • Add artificial intelligence (AI/ML) models to your existing applications.
  • Implement a next-gen conversational chatbot interface to allow your users to naturally interact with your system(s).
  • Access APIs and services from leading FinTechs and more.   Feel free to browse the catalog at to view products, descriptions and pricing plans. Once you create your account, you’ll have access to detailed documentation and tutorials to get you started.

Explore Watson AI services.

Watson™ Assistant

  Build, train and deploy conversational (virtual agents) to interact with any application, device, or channel without data science or heavy development skills.   Learn more

Watson™ Discovery

Find answers and uncover insights in your complex business content. Cognitive search technology to ingest documents, automatically learn document structure & content, and continuously improve via Relevancy scoring.   Learn more

Watson™ Natural Language Understanding

Take your understanding of unstructured data to a new level by extracting entities, keywords, sentiments, and more. Analyze text and extract metadata such as Keywords, Categories, Entities, Sentiment and Custom models.   Learn more

Watson™ Speech to Text

Quickly convert audio and voice into written text. Speech transcription in batch or in real-time, including customized language and acoustic models.   Learn more

Watson™ Text to Speech

Convert written text into natural-sounding speech. Speech-synthesis capabilities to convert written text to natural-sounding speech, using deep neural-networks and customizable voices.   Learn more

Watson™ Knowledge Studio

Teach Watson the language of your domain. Enables domain experts to teach Watson to understand linguistic nuances, co-references, and relationships in unstructured text.   Learn more

Watson™ Studio

Unleash the power of your data. Build & deploy custom Machine Learning (ML) models and infuse your business with AI/ML. Create Jupyter Notebooks, leverage the languages, frameworks, and libraries of your choice.   Learn more

Watson™ OpenScale

Infuse your AI with trust and transparency. Understand how your AI models make decisions to detect and mitigate bias.   Learn more

Create your account.

Go to and choose Create an IBM Cloud account, and then follow the Step-by-step instructions. You’ll have access to use any of the listed IBM Watson APIs along with other IBM cloud services. Your account comes with a credit of USD 200 which can be used on any apps or services that may have a cost associated with them. However, the Watson APIs listed above are currently free of charge.  

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