Secure, up-to-the-second digital fleet management

Manage Voyager accounts, cards, drivers and vehicles directly from your fleet management system.

Streamline your fleet management processes.

Voyager Account Management APIs enable your fleet applications to securely access your Voyager account data. With real-time digital access, you can save time and resources by reducing support calls, minimizing manual data entry and eliminating daily batch file transfers.

  • Comprehensive fleet expense management for your application.
  • Anytime-access and control of Voyager accounts, cards, drivers, and vehicles.
  • Monitor transactions for policy exceptions or suspicious activity.

Four APIs. One powerful set of tools.

Learn more about the features offered by the Voyager suite of APIs.

Enable your fleet applications to securely access your Voyager account data, originate payment requests and manage fleet expenses with our Voyager suite of APIs.

  • Account management

    Create, modify, deactivate and reactivate individual accounts, cards, drivers and vehicles.

  • Spending controls

    Define and maintain spending limits on cards, drivers and vehicles.

  • Secure transfers

    Provide secure authentication and data encryption, assuring authorized access and confidential transfer.

  • Security

    Require authorization and encrypted data, assuring access permission and confidential transfer.

  • Sandbox

    Test API features in a sandbox environment by adding it to a project.