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Access Online Transactions

Enable client applications to retrieve specific transactions, orders and user bill details from Access Online for reporting purposes.

Account Transfers

Enable client and partner applications to initiate and retrieve details of domestic account transfers.

Account Validation

Validate account information to process a payment.

ACH Originations

Enable partner applications to securely originate same-day, standard ACH payment (credit) or collection (debit) requests.

Bank Holidays

Select a specific date, custom date range or year to view days that U.S. Bank is closed due to bank holidays.

Card as a Service

Supply and securely push digital credit cards to a user's mobile wallet.

Check Payables

Originate check payable requests quickly and easily through a secure, user-friendly interface.

Corporate Account Information

Instantly access company bank account balances, transactions and statements.

Corporate Credit Cards

Create card accounts for corporate travel cards, purchasing cards or One Card plus search, view and maintain account information.

Data Toolbox

To enhance the implementation and onboarding experience, U.S. Bank has designed this API as a suite to include the functions of all the Data Toolbox APIs.

Data Toolbox - Accounts

Get authorized access to retail banking consumer account details and create offerings to improve the financial services experience.

Data Toolbox - Documents

View tax forms and account statements to provide time-saving opportunities for retail banking customers.

Data Toolbox - Transactions

Access U.S. Bank retail banking customer-authorized transaction details.

Disbursements via Zelle®

Fast, safe and easy. Send money directly to your customer's bank account using just an email address or U.S. mobile number.

U.S. Bank Flexible Capital Platform…

Calculate the borrowing power of assets, start the loan application process, and view a list of disclosures for a U.S. Bank Flexible Capital Line of Credit®.

Freight Payment Shipment Order

Integrate your freight supply chain with the U.S. Bank Freight Payment system to manage freight shipment orders and freight spend.

Freight Payment Transactions

Integrate your freight supply chain with the U.S. Bank Freight Payment Transactions API to manage freight shipment orders and transactions.

Freight Payment User Management

Integrate your organization’s data and access management with the Freight Payment User Management API to manage end-user credentials.

Payee Choice

Enable customer digital payments and eliminate the need for applications to store sensitive payee account data.

Payee Token+

Reduce data risk on your application by tokenizing, validating and storing your payee's account details, card numbers and other sensitive information in a highly secure enclave.

Positive Pay

Manage fraud prevention services with greater speed and efficiency.


Transfer receivables data with the bank through a simple, straightforward interface.

RTP® – Real-Time Payments

Implement features from both the Credit Transfer Message and Request for Payments APIs with one solution.

RTP® – Credit Transfer Me…

Initiate instant and secure payments anytime, such as customer refunds and daily payments.

RTP® – Request for Paymen…

Send configurable reminders to customers, enable future or partial payments, and verify biller identity safely and securely with the RTP® – Request for Payment API.

Treasury Builder

Onboard the ACH Originations, RTP® – Real-Time Payments, Check Payables, Corporate Account Information, and Account Transfers APIs at once.

Virtual Card Payments

Create and manage virtual card payments for commercial card programs directly from your application.

Voyager Cards

Manage Voyager cards directly from your fleet management system.

Voyager Drivers

Manage Voyager driver information and spending limits through your fleet management system.

Voyager Transactions

Get up-to-the-second fleet transaction updates from authorization to payment.

Voyager Vehicles

Access your Voyager accounts to manage all fleet cards, drivers and vehicles in real time.

Wire Transfers

Enable client and partner applications to initiate and retrieve details of domestic and international wire transfers.