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ACH Originations

...details and status. Cancel a submitted ACH transaction. Subscription to ACH return and notification of change (NOC) alerts. Workflow Example use cases Work with customers to make transactions fast, easy, and simple. Pay businesses for procurement of supplies. Refund a customer....

Tags: payments, collections, ACH, disbursements, transfers

Developer guide

...identifier assigned to each unique ACH request (GUID) requestBody body N/A Contains the information required to create an ACH Transfer transaction Request URL POST /v1/transactions/domestic Sample Request { "transaction": { "clientDetails": { "clientID":...

Product notes

Product notes Version 1.0 © 2019 U.S. Bank Here's what’s new in ACH Originations API! Revision history Version Highlights Release date 1.0 ACH Originations content release December 2019

Client authentication

ACH Originations API Product Security Version 1.0 © 2019 U.S. Bank Authentication verifies the identity of the API client. ACH Originations API clients are required to authenticate via OAuth 2.0 using the client credentials grant type. Credentials are obtained by registering with U.S. Bank as an...

Account Validation
/api-library/account-validation/ver-1.0 the claimant. She proceeds to initiate an ACH credit to their account knowing that the funds will confidently be secured by the intended recipient. Scenario three: Marco needs to pay his utilities bill. He logs on to his utility provider’s website and enters his account information. As he...

Tags: account validation, fraud prevention, payments, risk mitigation

Developer guide

..."paymentCreateDate": "2018-05-02T14:30", "achCreateDate": "2018-05-02T14:30" } } POST /payments/cancel Cancel a given payment by PaymentID which can either be a zellePaymentID or a paymentInstructionID, for any given payerID. Parameters Parameter Type Data...

Developer guide

...URI where the notifications will be sent. The payload sent to the callback URI will be as follows: { "targetUrl": " movement/ach/v1/transactions/{transactionID} " "message": "The status of the transaction with transaction id {transactionID} has changed...