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Developer guide

...the attachments of the transaction as a single PDF file. The maximum PDF file size is 10MB. If there are no attachments, then '404 Not Found' is returned. In the transaction, the 'transactionDetails.transactionInformation.hasAttachment' flag indicates if an attachment is...

Developer guide

...documents in PDF format. View account statement PDFs for up to last 6 months View tax document PDFs associated with each of the customer accounts including 1098, 1099-INT, 1099-DIV and more, in PDF format. Tax documents have a 2 year retrieval period. Product...

Developer guide

... } POST/account/statement Retrieve statement in PDF format Request URL /v3/account/statement Request Body Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded Sample Response { Base64 string } TAX GET/account/{accountId}/tax Retrieve list of tax documents available for an...

Data Toolbox - Documents
/api-library/data-toolbox-documents/ver-1.0 documents and receive PDF versions of tax forms including: 1098 1099-INT 1099-DIV Workflow Example use cases Interact with authorized consumer data through our Documents API to provide value-added services and products that may enrich their financial services...

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Data Toolbox

...statements Retrieve statements as an individual PDF or as a list of statements from a set time frame. Tax documents See historical tax forms as PDFs, including 1098, 1099Int, 1099Div, and others as either a single document or a list of documents. Customer profile View basic customer profile...

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Developer guide

...base64 encoded statement PDF of an account. Please note that if the statements are larger that ~200 pages (1.5MB) they are not currently available via the API at this time Request URL GET...