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Developer guide

...1.0 © 2020 U.S. Bank Product Summary The RTP (Real time payments) API is used to originate a real time transaction that flows through the RTP network of The Clearing House (TCH). In this guide, you will learn about the resources available in this product, how to make an API call, and view...

Real-Time Payments

...payable applications. Insurance or healthcare providers. Various FinTech and Payment Services applications. Restrictions Current credit transfer limits for the RTP® Network limits are $100,000 per transaction. The receiving bank must be part of the RTP network. Originated credit transfer...

Tags: payments, RTP, disbursements, transfers

Product notes

Product Notes Version 1.0 © 2020 U.S. Bank Here's what’s new in RTP API! Revision History Version Highlights Release Date 1.0 RTP API content release July 17, 2020

Security guide

RTP API Product Security Version 1.0 © 2020 U.S. Bank Authentication verifies the identity of the API client. RTP API clients are required to authenticate via OAuth 2.0 using the client credentials grant type. Credentials are obtained by registering with U.S. Bank as an API partner. Once...