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Disbursements via Zelle®

...checks to consumers that aren't enrolled in Zelle. Manage Zelle payments. Search for and retrieve status and details of submitted payments. Retry a failed payment. Delete a submitted payment.2 Send an invitation to enroll in the Zelle Network. Workflow Example use cases Pay businesses for...

Tags: payments, disbursements, transfers, Zelle

Developer guide

.../payments Use a recipient's Zelle® registered Phone number or Email address (Alias) to initiate a payment through Zelle® from their U.S. Bank account. Parameters Parameter Type Data Type Description Accept path string Default:...

User guides

...banks’ online banking sites or the secure Zelle site to register their aliases and link them to their bank accounts. The user guide provides instructions and additional information including how to search and cancel transactions, verify enrollment status, and more. Download the U.S. Bank...

Client authentication

Disbursements via Zelle API Product Security Version 1.1 © 2021 U.S. Bank Authentication verifies the identity of the API client. Disbursements via Zelle API clients are required to authenticate via OAuth 2.0 using the client credentials grant type. Credentials are obtained by registering with...

Product notes

...Bank Here's what’s new in Disbursements via Zelle API! Revision History In this release, we have added functionality to enhance the usability of the API. We have added new endpoints to retry a failed payment, to search payments, and to send enrollment invitations. See the latest API...