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...of Voyager expense reporting with your fleet management application. Your expense management immediately benefits by integrating your system with the detailed transaction data available from Voyager. For instance, a fleet manager can determine how much drivers in a region have spent on...

API Release Notes

...Date 1.1 /fco/v1/fleet-transactions Added pagination February 10, 2019 1.0 /fco/v1/fleet-transactions Initial release December 7, 2018 Release Notes Below is a summary of the changes introduced in each release. Version...

Product Notes

...details, including updates to the list of Voyager products codes. Revision History Version Path Highlights Release Date 1.1 /fco/v1/fleet-transactions Added pagination February 10, 2019 1.0 /fco/v1/fleet-transactions Initial release December 7, 2018

Developer Guide

...Resources Resource Description Usage accounts A fleet account where all fleet transactions are recorded.Note: Account IDs are predeteremined and not available via the API. Not Supported:GET /accounts<br>GET /accounts/{accountId} transactions The lifecycle of a payment is recorded as a set...

API Key Management

...the "Your Profile" modal click on the "API Key Management" link which will route you to the "API Key Management" page. Sourcing the API key In order to source an API Key and Secret fill out the "Request API Key" form by filling out:: An application name - Required An application description that...

ACH Originations

...on ACH origination requests. Originated payment management Retrieve submitted ACH transaction details and status. Cancel a submitted ACH transaction. Subscription to ACH return and notification of change (NOC) alerts. Workflow Example use cases Work with customers to make transactions fast, easy,...

Client Authentication

...1.1 © 2019 U.S. Bank "Voyager" and "Fleet Commander" are registered trademarks of U.S. Bank Authentication verifies the identity of the API client. Voyager API clients are required to authenticate via OAuth 2.0 using the client credentials grant type. Credentials are obtained by...

Developer Guide

...Corporate & Commercial Banking, and Wealth Management Services. In this guide, you will learn about the resources available in this product, how to make an API call, sample request and response messages. The Data Toolbox product contains many APIs, and resources which are listed...


...transactions data to populate personal financial management tools in financial technology applications. First, go to our Accounts API to get a list of authorized consumer accounts, obtaining the account identifier for each one. Then use the Accounts API to get the current account balance....