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Developer guide

...Holidays Get a list of U.S. Bank holidays GET /bank-holidays Date Check Retrieves data to check whether a given date is a holiday GET /bank-holidays/date-check Holiday API workflow To access a list of holidays, the API client must first be authenticated by the API service. After...

Bank Holidays

...current and upcoming year. Features View bank holidays for the current year and next year. View bank holidays within a selected date range. Week Month Quarter Custom time period Example Use Cases Verify if a specific day is considered a working day or bank holiday. Confirm payment dates in bill...

Tags: federal holidays, bank holidays, holidays, bank closed dates

ACH Originations

...are not processed or posted on weekends or bank holidays. However, clients who use ACH Origination via API are configured for Sunday/Holiday processing and will have the ability to submit transactions between 9 p.m. CT on Friday and 9 p.m. CT on Sunday with a Monday effective date (Tuesday will...

Tags: payments, collections, ACH, disbursements, transfers

Product notes

Product notes Version 1.1 © 2020 U.S. Bank Here's what’s new in Holiday API! Revision history Version Highlights Release Date 1.0 Holiday API and content release August 2020

Check Payables

...refund is on its way. Restrictions Check Payables will not be processed on bank holidays or weekends.

Tags: checks, payables, payments