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Developer guide

...and notification response payloads. Digital Wallet 'Digital Wallet' refers to the wallet app on a smartphone and is specific to the mobile operating system on the device. CaaS provides support for digital wallets: Determine if a digital card is eligible for use with a digital wallet Encode...

Card as a Service

...and securely in real time. Push cards to mobile wallets for use with Apple Pay® and Google Pay™ using encryption and tokenization. Build tailored user experiences within your own ecosystem through custom API selections. Set precise card amounts. Deactivate cards in real time. Implement...

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Developer guide

...environment. It is accessible via web portal, mobile app, and APIs. A virtual card includes these attributes: Virtual Card ID 16-digit Card number Card Verification Value, (CVV) security code Expiration date Credit limit Card status Real-time credit balances Product Resources The Virtual Card...