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Data Toolbox
/api-library/data-toolbox/ver-1.0 information. Get loan origination date or mortgage loan details from 1098 forms. Confirm and pre-fill customer address information. Loan payoff calculator and payment alerts Enrich the customer experience with suggestions and alerts to help them make financial decisions. A calculator tool...

Developer Guide

..."accountType": "MORTGAGE", "displayName": "Mortgage - 3250", "status": "OPEN", "description": "Mortgage", "fiAttributes": null, "error": null }, { "accountId": "12afe446-0751-5dfb-f5e3-18c164e831cf", "accountType": "IRA", "displayName": "IRA - 3798", "status": "OPEN", ...


...accounts including: Checking Savings IRA Find mortgage and loan information Leverage the Tax API to save time completing loan applications and finding mortgage details. Reduce loan processing time by using information from the Tax API to prefill and verify loan information. Interrogate the 1098...


...interest rate and terms. Calculate an early payoff and show consumers their interest savings. Send email or SMS-based alerts to introduce new loan opportunities like refinancing a mortgage or getting a new car loan. Restrictions The developer will not sell, exploit, commercialize, or otherwise...