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...a domestic Check request POST /check-payables Retrieve a Check by ID Retrieve details on a previously requested Check by ID GET /check-payables/{transactionID} Delete a Check by ID Delete a previously requested Check by ID DELETE /check-payables/{transactionID} Updated a Check by...

Check Payables
/api-library/check-payables/ver-1.0 overpayment. His company integrated the Check Payables API with their new payment system, making it easier for Tim to identify the overpayment amount and create the check request. To validate his work, Tim relies on system notifications to see that the check request is processed, and the...

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Product notes

Product notes Version 1.0 © 2020 U.S. Bank Here's what’s new in Check Payables! This is the inaugural release of the Check Payables Product and features. Revision history Version Highlights Release Date 1.0 Initial release December 2020

Client authentication

Check Payables Product Security Version 1.0 © 2019 U.S. Bank Authentication verifies the identity of the API client. Check Payables clients are required to authenticate via OAuth 2.0 using the client credentials grant type. Credentials are obtained by registering with U.S. Bank as an API partner....

ACH Originations


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Real-Time Payments


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