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Developer Guide

...account through Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfers. Parameters Parameter Type Data Type Description Accept header string Default: "application/json" Accept-Encoding header string Default: "Accept-Encoding" Authorization header string Authorization Token for accessing the...

/terms have the right to make these warranties and transfers of rights. Monitoring and enforcement Monitoring You agree and acknowledge that we may monitor and/or audit your use of the Developer Portal and hosted API(s). You will not seek to block or otherwise interfere with our monitoring or audit,...

Product Overview

...their expenses efficiently. Features Secure transfers Provide secure authentication and data encryption, assuring authorized access and confidential transfer. Search options Search for transactions by time and processing status, where the time can span from seconds to years, and status ranges...

Tags: Voyager, Voyager card, card, account management, fleet management, transaction, payment

ACH Originations


Tags: payments, collections, ach, disbursements, transfers

Disbursements via Zelle®


Tags: payments, disbursements, transfers, Zelle