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Developer guide

...wallet. The primary Virtual Card resource is: /virtual-cards/v1/cards The Virtual Card APIs are listed in the table below and detailed in the following sections. For brevity, the /virtual-cards/v1 URI prefix is missing from the table. API Description Result POST /cards Assign a new virtual...

Virtual Card Payments

...vehicle maintenance, the company decides to use virtual cards from U.S. Bank. To retrieve them, the company connects to Access Online, using the Virtual Card Payments API. The representative receives a call from ABC Oil Shop, a mutual supplier. To retrieve a virtual card to pay ABC Oil Shop, the...

Tags: virtual cards, virtual payments, payables, commercial cards, B2B payments

Card as a Service

...achieve entitlement to push to mobile wallet. Developer is required to have an Apple and Google developer account. Restrictions Corporate virtual cards can't be used for payroll, rewards or gifts. Restrictions and/or addendums are required if using internationally.

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Developer guide

...more webhook information, refer to the Virtual Card Payments developer guide and webhook API specification. Corporate Credit Cards uses the same webhook service. This is an example of a webhook destination registered when...

Product notes

...for authorizations by date October 2022 1.4 /cards/cards/{cardID} Create cardRead card Added sendMethod (email or fax), faxNumber, and effectiveStart dateRetrieve cards details January, 2022 1.3 /registered-webhook-url/cards/{cardID}/realtime-credit-details Receive webhook notificationsRead...