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Product notes
/api-library/payee-choice/ver-1.1/documents/changelog 1.0.0 Initial release June 30, 2021 1.1.0 Additional Endpoints added:- Get Payee Details- Get Payments- Search for Payments- Payment Status Webhook December 2021

Developer guide
/api-library/virtual-card-payments/ver-1.5/documents/developer-guide cards, as well as manage those cards and payments. A virtual card is issued electronically, instead of physically as a plastic card, but is otherwise equivalent to a physical card. To use this API, one must be an established Access Online user. The U.S. Bank Access Online platform is the...

Virtual Card Payments

...existing payment. When reviewing the past week's virtual payments, an account representative noticed two payments for the exact same amount were sent to a supplier. After researching the payments further, the representative finds one payment was sent in error and needs to be canceled. The Virtual...

Tags: virtual cards, virtual payments, payables, commercial cards, B2B payments

Card as a Service

...achieve entitlement to push to mobile wallet. Developer is required to have an Apple and Google developer account. Restrictions Corporate virtual cards can't be used for payroll, rewards or gifts. Restrictions and/or addendums are required if using internationally.

Tags: digital card, mobile payments, mobile wallet, virtual card, virtual payments, virtual credit card payments, payments, payments innovation, security, control, corporate purchasing, corporate expenses, Apple Pay, Google Pay

Developer guide

...more webhook information, refer to the Virtual Card Payments developer guide and webhook API specification. Corporate Credit Cards uses the same webhook service. This is an example of a webhook destination registered when...

Product notes

...cardRead security codeChange state to closedChange state to canceled Initial Release June 2021 Access Online Order API Be aware that the virtual card ID assigned when a card is created can be used interchangeably as the order ID in the Access Online Order API. See the...

IBM Cloud APIs and AI Services

...train and deploy conversational (virtual agents) to interact with any application, device, or channel without data science or heavy development skills. Learn more Watson™ Discovery Find answers and uncover insights in your complex business content. Cognitive search technology to...

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