Boost your payments power and processes.

Our corporate payment APIs help you streamline payments processes, increase security and extend purchasing power to fit your organization's needs.

Create a tailored payment experience with our APIs.

Gain greater visibility, control and security over your payments program when your system is directly integrated with our corporate payment APIs:
  • Create cards and send and receive account data on demand.
  • Push cards to mobile wallets for use with Apple Pay® and Google Pay™ using encryption and tokenization.
  • Initiate information changes and reduce the need for costly manual interactions.
  • Modify payment parameters and prevent unwanted charges.
  • Receive transaction information to simplify reconciliation.

See how it works.

These examples demonstrate how our APIs can enhance your operations and user experiences.

API example: Card as a Service

Securely push cards for individual transactions.

  • Step 1: Create.

    Request to provision a virtual card.

  • Step 2: Send.

    Push the virtual card to your user’s mobile wallet.

  • Step 3: Spend.

    The user accesses the card from the mobile wallet and uses it for intended purposes and within set parameters.

API example: Virtual Card Payments

Streamline your accounts payable process with virtual card payments.

  • Step 1: Create.

    Create single-use accounts with specific account controls for each supplier you need to pay.

  • Step 2: Deliver.

    Send virtual card details to your supplier along with customized data and invoice detail.

  • Step 3: Pay.

    The supplier charges the single-use account according to the payment parameters provided.

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