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Whether you need to verify account identity and transaction activity, or provide recommendations, alerts and personalized offers, find the retail banking API to meet your needs.

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Create value-added services when your systems are integrated directly with U.S. Bank retail banking APIs, including:
  • Secure authentication and account ownership.
  • Access account, statement and transaction details.
  • Define a consumer risk score to reduce fees and prevent fraud.
  • Offer new loan opportunities or account balance tools.

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Here’s an API frequently used to implement consumer financial data to enhance the customer experience.

API example: Data Toolbox

Access authorized consumer savings accounts and create personalized offers and services.

  • Step 1: Verify.

    Use our Accounts feature to verify account identity and enhance security.

  • Step 2: Access.

    Get the current balance of the savings account. Then use the Documents feature to obtain spending habits.

  • Step 3: Compare.

    Compare the savings balance against consumer income and spend to see if it meets financial health indicators.

  • Step 4: Recommend.

    Offer your customer an increase to their balance if they have less than three months of income in their savings account.

  • Step 5: Enrich.

    Help customers stay on top of payments and balances by analyzing deposits and payment frequency with our Transactions feature.

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Case study

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