The future of business is API-enabled.

Whether you need to accelerate payments for procurement operations, refunds for a customer or employee reimbursements, discover the treasury API to meet your needs.

Grow your business with our APIs.

Create flexible and seamless banking experiences for you and your customers. Connecting your systems directly to U.S. Bank treasury management APIs is fast and easy and allows you to:
  • Send and receive money.
  • Access account details.
  • Optimize digital transactions and accounting.
  • Mitigate risk and prevent fraud.
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Build and implement API solutions with confidence backed by experience.

Feedback from you, your peers, our clients, world events, thought leaders, scientists and dreamers is part of the digital success of treasury API solutions.

Build a product of your own special design, where process and management is as important as customer satisfaction, industry specifics and fundamental economics.


Discover APIs that are developed for fast and easy implementation, with minimal effort and no disruption to your business.


Be a part of a development process that relies upon actual client insights and goals, resulting in the most relevant solutions for any business size and industry.


Benefit from new connections and business possibilities with U.S. Bank and our network of strategic partnerships.

See how it works.

If APIs are just stacks of code, how can they help my business and customers?

API example: Disbursements via Zelle®

Issue faster payments to your customers.

  • Step 1: Review.

    Receive updates when customers submit requests for claims, refunds, rebates, etc.

  • Step 2: Recommend.

    Offer your customer faster, direct-to-account payments.

  • Step 3: Verify.

    Using your customer’s U.S. mobile phone number or email address, easily confirm their enrollment status to receive Disbursements via Zelle®.

  • Step 4: Pay.

    If your customer has a valid Zelle® account, send funds using the Disbursements via Zelle® API.

API example: Account Validation

Validate account information to process a payment.

  • Step 1: Onboard.

    Obtain your business partner’s (vendor, supplier, etc.) account details when establishing or renewing relationships.

  • Step 2: Verify.

    Use the Account Validation API to confirm account ownership and status in real-time.

  • Step 3: Decide.

    Receive information to make a confident, data-driven decision to pay.

Build solutions that get things done.

Browse all available treasury management APIs.

  • Account Transfers

    Enable client and partner applications to initiate and retrieve details of domestic account transfers.

  • Account Validation

    Validate account information to process a payment.

  • ACH Originations

    Enable partner applications to securely originate same-day, standard ACH payment (credit) or collection (debit) requests.

  • ACH Originations

    Enable partner applications to securely originate same-day, standard ACH payment (credit) or collection (debit) requests.

  • Check Payables

    Originate check payable requests quickly and easily through a secure, user-friendly interface.

  • Corporate Account Information

    Instantly access company bank account balances, transactions and statements.

  • Disbursements via Zelle®

    Fast, safe and easy. Send money directly to your customer's bank account using just an email address or U.S. mobile number.

  • Payee Choice

    Enable customer digital payments and eliminate the need for applications to store sensitive payee account data.

  • Payee Token+

    Reduce data risk on your application by tokenizing, validating and storing your payee's account details, card numbers and other sensitive information in a highly secure enclave.

  • Positive Pay

    Manage fraud prevention services with greater speed and efficiency.

  • Receivables

    Transfer receivables data with the bank through a simple, straightforward interface.

  • RTP® – Real-Time Payments

    Implement features from both the Credit Transfer Message and Request for Payments APIs with one solution.

  • RTP® – Credit Transfer Message

    Initiate instant and secure payments anytime, such as customer refunds and daily payments.

  • RTP® – Request for Payment

    Send configurable reminders to customers, enable future or partial payments, and verify biller identity safely and securely with the RTP® – Request for Payment API.

  • Treasury Builder

    Onboard the ACH Originations, RTP® – Real-Time Payments, Check Payables, Corporate Account Information, and Account Transfers APIs at once.

  • Wire Drawdowns

    Initiate a wire transfer that debits funds into the requestor's account.

  • Wire Transfers

    Enable client and partner applications to initiate and retrieve details of domestic and international wire transfers through a secured, Representational State Transfer (REST) API interface.

Collaborate to innovate.

Hear success stories from other clients using our our treasury management APIs.

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