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Data Toolbox
/api-library/data-toolbox/ver-1.0 can: View historical tax information. Get loan origination date or mortgage loan details from 1098 forms. Confirm and pre-fill customer address information. Loan payoff calculator and payment alerts Enrich the customer experience with suggestions and alerts to help them make financial...


...information. Interrogate the 1098 PDF form for: Loan origination date Loan balance Address How to get a list of all authorized account or individual documents Call the Statement resource using accounts/{accountId}/statement to get a list of all statement documents, saving the {statementId} for...

/api-library/accounts/ver-1.0 or SMS-based alerts to introduce new loan opportunities like refinancing a mortgage or getting a new car loan. Restrictions The developer will not sell, exploit, commercialize, or otherwise reveal, account information (or its derivatives) except as explicitly authorized by the customer.


...use our Transactions API. Savings Line of credit Loans Investments For checking and savings accounts, transaction details include: Amount Type Time stamp Category Check number Description Payee For brokerage and investment accounts, transaction details include: Type Shares Price Face...